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Protect underwriters
with data validation

The Problem

Financial institutions are losing valuable time underwriting when reviewing repeat applications from fraudulent, delinquent, or Insider (Reg O) customers. Additionally, customers' credit scores are negatively impacted by repetitive credit pulls.

The Solution

AppShield saves financial institutions time by restricting applications from known fraudulent, delinquent or Insider (Reg O) customers. In addition, it prevents unnecessary credit pulls on repeat applications.

Features & Benefits

Restricted customer lists

Filter applications from fraudulent, delinquent, or insider (Reg O) customers.

Repeat application identification

Increase underwriting efficiency by eliminating repeat applications.

Invalid data entry detection

Ensure quality of data on credit applications by detecting errors.

Ensure underwriters have quality data

Underwriting is time-consuming, so why bottleneck the process? Set loan officers up for success by filtering out application data that should be prohibited from the start. Increase operational efficiency by uploading restricted customer lists to prevent repeat applications and immediately issue Adverse Action Letters.

Free up underwriters' time to concentrate on quality applications. To top it off, build customer confidence by saving them from harmful, repeat credit pulls.

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