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End-to-end data flow
from application to servicing

The Problem

Manual onboarding to core processors requires repetitive data entry that is prone to human error and delays customers' access to credit.

The Solution

CoreConnect's core processor APIs cut down time spent on data entry and curb human error with end-to-end data flow.

Features & Benefits

Batch or real-time account uploads

Reduce human error by eliminating repeat data entry.

Consumer and business accounts

Diversify your loan portfolio with support for multiple loan types.

Digital ACH processing

Increase revenue by providing customers with credit faster.

Free yourself from the burden of data entry

It’s time to open the doors to a new standard in loan origination and free yourself from the burden of data entry to the core.

CoreConnect helps you reduce friction and operational costs through a streamlined system-to-system data flow. Seamlessly integrate with your desired core processor, so you can easily create new accounts while leveraging existing data and transaction history.

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