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Strategic fraud
prevention and monitoring

The Problem

Fraud is on the rise. Identifying and monitoring fraudulent activity is a time-consuming and costly challenge for financial institutions.

The Solution

FraudTrack allows financial institutions to manage risk and care for the well-being of customers with real-time alerts on suspicious activity.

Features & Benefits

Banking network

Leverage the banking community by pooling resources to fight fraud together.

Suspicious activity alerts

Save money by catching and investigating fraudsters before they hit the system.

Rules-based anomaly detection

Identify abnormal application patterns to prevent fraudulent accounts.

Say checkmate to fraud

Fighting fraud can be an expensive challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Reduce fraud rates and prevent identity theft through proactive and reactive application scanning.

But it doesn’t stop there. Strengthen the integrity of our nation's financial institutions. Lock arms with banks in the FraudTrack network to notify each other of the fraudulent activity on a specific customer.

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