Labette Bank Partners with MK Decision for Online Credit Card Decisioning

Labette Bank and MK Decision meet remotely

MK Decision’s Credit Card Origination System (CCOS) allows Labette Bank to originate credit cards digitally.

Labette Bank, a $415 million-asset community bank serving the state of Kansas announced its agreement with MK Decision (MK) to digitize their credit card origination processes for an enriched customer experience.

MK’s technology has enabled our bank to not only market our cards, but to grow customer credit acquisition tremendously, bringing us new business opportunities, Labette Bank’s Chief Information Officer Nicholas Borror said. Before implementation, we were limited to offering credit cards in our branches. The implementation was seamless and MK has helped Labette Bank digitally market our product.

By deploying MK’s Credit Card Origination System (CCOS), Labette Bank has introduced Store to educate their customers on credit card options, an online credit card application Checkout for personal and business cards, and a modern e-sign process on agreements via MK’s Signatures. Once the application has been submitted, automated Messaging notifications are sent from the bank to the customer for updates on the status of their application.

Community banks continue to digitize their credit offerings to best support the customers they serve, ICBA Bancard President and CEO Tina Giorgio said. We’re pleased with the response to MK’s Credit Card Origination System from ICBA Bancard clients like Labette Bank that want a solid underwriting platform that is efficient, safe and as frictionless as possible for consumers.

About MK Decision
MK Decision's mission is to help community financial institutions thrive by receiving more deposits and more loans. With a commitment to strengthen local economies, MK’s platform gives community financial institutions a competitive advantage through simple, beautiful customer experiences and streamlined banker workflows. The MK platform supports a variety of financial products including checking & savings accounts, credit cards, and consumer, commercial, small business, and indirect loans. So far, MK has helped over 180 community banks acquire customers online. The company was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in San Diego, California. For more information, visit

About Labette Bank
Labette Bank is a trustworthy community bank that serves the people and businesses of Southeast Kansas. Labette Bank was founded in 1915 by a group of businessmen who strongly believed in the people and businesses of our area. Their founding beliefs are still the cornerstone of our banking philosophy today: a local community bank that serves the needs of its neighbors. At Labette Bank, your banker is also your neighbor and your friend. Labette Bank will always offer the highest level of personal service from an experienced staff that you know and trust. Our broad array of banking products has been created to meet the financial needs of you, our customer. For more information, visit

About ICBA Bancard
ICBA Bancard® is the wholly owned payment services subsidiary of the Independent Community Bankers of America. ICBA Bancard’s community bank issuers generated $31.6 billion in sales volume in 2019 and are ranked collectively as the 24th largest credit card portfolio in the United States. ICBA Bancard enables thousands of community banks to provide competitive credit card, debit card, ATM and merchant processing solutions. The company also provides exclusive services to issuers including its Fraud Loss Protection Plan, marketing support, and product education. For more information, visit

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