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Safe and secure
file transmission

The Problem

Customers and financial institutions alike are spending valuable time and money mailing sensitive documents back and forth, causing friction with customers and delaying the application process.

The Solution

SecureTransfer streamlines the digital onboarding process by allowing customers to upload sensitive documents in a cost-effective and safe environment.

Features & Benefits

Two-factor authentication

Maximize data protection and login security.

Digital file transfer

Minimize shipping costs with convenient file sharing from any device.

Email notifications

Receive email alerts for new document uploads to ensure efficient processing.

The fast, simple, and secure way to transmit documents

Financial institutions are held to the highest standards for protecting sensitive customer data, but shipping files is expensive and risky. Meet rising customer expectations for a digital front-end experience without altering your in-branch processes.

Say hello to a fast, simple, and secure way to transmit documents that saves you money and maintains the integrity of your customer's data.

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