Lift the Burden of Wet Signatures
MK Products
Accommodate your customers, in-branch and online, with a simple digital signature process.
A Family Founded FinTech
People Spotlight
Learn how MK Decision's co-founders got their start in the FinTech industry.
Touch the Clouds with Dashboard
MK Products
Hosted on AWS, Dashboard provides robust functionality and increased team efficiencies.
People Spotlight: Wai Ling Ye
People Spotlight
In this spotlight, we talk to Wai Ling Ye, Product Manager at MK Decision.
What a Whirlwind...JAC 2019
Check out highlights, competition winners, and our overall experience from this year’s Jack Henry TechConnect.
Unify Your LOS with Dashboard
MK Products
Disjointed back-end loan processes are a drag, but it doesn't have to be that way.
People Spotlight: James Bowles
People Spotlight
In this spotlight, we talk to James Bowles, Creative Lead at MK Decision.
An Inside Look at MK Decision's Thriving Company Culture
Want to learn more about the culture that motivates the MK team to succeed?
People Spotlight: John Landon
People Spotlight
In this spotlight, we talk to John Landon, Lead UX Engineer at MK Decision.
Say Hello to Our Summer Interns
Catch up with our summer 2019 interns and learn more about our TFE program.
People Spotlight: Khanh Hoang
People Spotlight
In this spotlight, we talk to Khanh Hoang, Lead UI Engineer at MK Decision.
People Spotlight: Avram Kantorovich
People Spotlight
In this spotlight, we talk to Avram Kantorovich, UI Engineer at MK Decision.
Leveling the Playing Field: How MK Decision is Helping Community Banks Compete
Community Banking
Saturday, June 1st at 1pm PST, Startup San Diego featured five members of the MK Decision team to discuss how we're creating a thoughtful and effective company culture, partnering with LEARN Academy, and
Community banks and toy dinosaurs: a customer’s retrospective
Jonathan BenAmoz is Vice President of Sales at MK Decision. Prior to joining MK, he was Vice President for home improvement consumer lender, Service Finance Company, LLC. As a lifelong community bank member,