MK Decision’s 2020 Event Schedule
Mark your calendars because MK is hitting the road in 2020.
The History of Signatures
Explore how clay seals developed into what we know today as digital signatures.
People Spotlight: Jon BenAmoz
People Spotlight
In this month’s spotlight, we talk with Jon BenAmoz, Chief Revenue Officer at MK Decision.
How to Leverage MK’s Lending Platform to Serve Generation Z and Beyond
Adapt to the ever-changing expectations of current and future generations with Dashboard.
Modern and Agile Credit Solutions
MK Products
Enhance your credit profiles to maximize underwriting efficiencies with MK and Experian.
Cheers to a Memorable 2 Years!
People Spotlight
In honor of Khanh, John, and Jacob’s 2 year anniversaries, we reflect on their time at MK.
People Spotlight: Chairein Salgado
People Spotlight
In this spotlight, we talk with Chairein Salgado, Operations Coordinator at MK Decision.
Lift the Burden of Wet Signatures
MK Products
Accommodate your customers, in-branch and online, with SecureSign.
A Family Founded FinTech
People Spotlight
Learn how MK Decision's co-founders got their start in the FinTech industry.
Touch the Clouds with Dashboard
MK Products
Hosted on AWS, Dashboard provides robust functionality and increased team efficiencies.
People Spotlight: Wai Ling Ye
People Spotlight
In this spotlight, we talk to Wai Ling Ye, Product Manager at MK Decision.
What a Whirlwind...JAC 2019
Check out highlights, competition winners, and our overall experience from this year’s Jack Henry TechConnect.
Unify Your LOS with Dashboard
MK Products
Disjointed back-end loan processes are a drag, but it doesn't have to be that way.
People Spotlight: James Bowles
People Spotlight
In this spotlight, we talk to James Bowles, Creative Lead at MK Decision.