Money20/20 is FinTech’s largest and most prestigious annual event in North America. This year, Money20/20’s VC Advisory Board sought out, “the most innovative ideas, disruptors, and entrepreneurs who create the unimaginable to drive change.”

Why did MK apply?

We set our sights on joining the Money20/20 USA Startup Academy to be in the same room as leading industry players and top VCs. Our ultimate goal out of this experience is to share our passion for local lending with important figures in the FinTech world.

What does it mean to MK to get accepted?

We believe the Money20/20 USA Startup Academy will forge new relationships, helping us close the technology gap between Big Banks and local lenders.

Since launching our Credit Card Origination System (CCOS) in May of 2018, we’ve poised ourselves to deliver on our mission: to grow local lending with modern technology. We see dynamic growth in the credit card market. Therefore, the time is now to ensure that consumers, who prefer to borrow locally, can turn to their Community Bank or Credit Union for frictionless customer experiences while applying for credit cards.

What does MK want to accomplish?

Money 20/20 Startup Academy’s Office Hours program provides an incredible networking opportunity. We plan to take full advantage of the Office Hours to meet with investors, corporate partners, and showcase CCOS.

Ultimately, we want to help Community Banks and Credit Unions capture greater credit card market share. We’re motivated to grow both local lending and local borrowing, reducing community financial drain.

More about MK’s Credit Card Origination System (CCOS)

MK’s technology solution, CCOS, offers intuitive user experiences to both consumers applying for credit cards and bankers issuing credit cards. Consumers enjoy a mobile-first web app to: browse, shop, apply and get their credit decision in seconds. Meanwhile, bankers benefit from a paperless platform for underwriting, reporting, and issuing credit cards - just like the Big Banks.

Community Banks and Credit Unions that do not issue credit cards today can now leapfrog the legacy, paper-intensive processes into a completely digital yet predictably manageable platform.

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