Located just one mile apart, LEARN academy and MK Decision have been collaborating on a joint effort to grow San Diego’s technology culture for a little over a year now. During this time, more than a dozen LEARN alumni have gone through MK’s Time for Experience (TFE) program to get their first exposure to the FinTech industry. So far 5 alumni have earned full-time employment at MK.

LEARN academy offers full-time, 3-month development bootcamps and weekend classes with experienced instructors at its San Diego brick and mortar location. Students begin their studies of programming with the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The goal is to graduate full-stack developers who can quickly launch their careers with technology companies, many of which are also in San Diego.

While we do most of our hiring directly, many of our employees started out as “TFEs” from LEARN academy. We kick off the TFE program by asking you to “Open Your Mind.” The first pillar of our company culture sets the tone for MK management and LEARN graduates to create maximum value. The program is designed to see if you and MK are a good fit, while working on your technical and teamwork skills along the way. Throughout the 3-month program, TFEs are expected to fulfill the tasks assigned to them, look for additional ways to add value, and be a team player.

While we are selective about who we let into the TFE program, there are no high-stakes, grueling interviews to “ace”. Nor do we believe in onboarding tests that might not do justice to your skill set and work ethic. If after three months we think you are a good fit, you will be offered a full time position. A few TFEs have even been offered employment by proving their value after only a few weeks at MK.


LEARN graduates Tim Petrone (left) and Andrew Levy (right)

We’d like to focus on two LEARN alumni now working at MK: Tim Petrone and Andrew Levy.
Both Tim and Andrew have grown exponentially by delivering on MK’s mission statement: to stimulate local lending by empowering local lenders and borrowers; keeping money in local communities. Currently, both are “back-end developers” who have worked on internal and external projects. A few of these projects include:

  • Integrating web forms with AWS Lambda scripts
  • Organizing MK’s operations into a single Enterprise Resource Management platform (Moqui)
  • Creating Payment Card Industry (PCI) and Experian Independent 3rd Party
    Assessment (EI3PA) security standard compliance documentation
  • Expanding database schemas for future use cases

Tim Petrone

Before deciding that he wanted a career in software engineering, Tim worked as a Tax Associate at PwC, one of the biggest accounting firms in the world. After the LEARN academy bootcamp, Tim has been wearing many hats at MK Decision including software engineering, business analyst, as well as planning the scaling and future-proofing of current technical operations.

"Management is constantly engaging with the employees and TFEs to find the best ideas. We believe it's having the best idea not the first idea that sets us apart."

Andrew Levy

Andrew came from a background of general problem solving in customer service and support. LEARN academy helped Andrew transition to more technical problem solving. In addition to leveraging his communication and analytical skills, Andrew now uses a stack of programming languages and frameworks across an array of Amazon Web Services technologies to deliver value.

"There’s never a shortage of detail-oriented projects to attend to at MK. It's exciting to contribute in necessary ways to the company’s success"

In conclusion, LEARN academy and MK Decision have established an important relationship for the future of San Diego’s tech culture. One that helps driven individuals like Tim and Andrew pursue their dream of being technologists. Here at MK, we look forward to working with many more LEARN graduates as there has been outstanding synergy between LEARN and MK thus far. If you’re a capable and motivated LEARN academy graduate, please take a look at our new opportunities for TFEs and direct hires.


About MK Decision

MK Decision was founded in 2015 by two brothers, Guru Dharam Khalsa and Har Rai Khalsa.
Our flagship product for community banks and credit unions is our Credit Card Origination System (CCOS). CCOS was developed to target the pain points in the credit card issuing industry. We are constantly adding new features and tackling additional CCOS use cases, as we quickly respond to our clients’ feedback. On a daily basis, we are integrating with more established B2B Financial Institutions (FI), like Credit Bureaus and Core Processors. Ultimately, the biggest direct beneficiaries of CCOS’ cutting edge technology are community banks and credit unions. Their credit card loan origination processes are streamlined making life easier for their customers and employees alike.