Many of our team members began their journey at MK Decision as interns. Therefore, they know the importance of paying it forward to help newcomers feel welcome. It is a trait we appreciate the most about the people who make up our company.

At MK Decision, our company culture revolves around our Four Pillars. Each person that joins our team is taught these values, experience them first hand, and ultimately embody them.

We cultivate a space that is beaming with knowledge, creativity, and encourages collaboration. Our culture dramatically improves our performance because we want to see each other flourish and push ourselves to deliver our best work.

“The status quo is that you go out and you find someone with a ton of experience and you pay them a ton of money. MK Decision has taken a very different approach by finding people with very little experience and starting them out on an internship program where our senior team can carefully train them on our systems and procedures.” - Har Rai Khalsa, CEO of MK Decision

The thriving company culture that we have today would not be a success without the partnerships we have with the LEARN Academy and TechHire. These two organizations allow us to connect with people of all backgrounds who are humble and eager to learn about financial technology.

We are a fast-growing FinTech that makes one win feel like many. Our team is excited to come to work because we bring an innovative lending platform to community banks. At the end of the day, we all share the vision to make lending simple.

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