Since January 2018, James Bowles has been the Creative Lead at MK Decision (MK). He started as a Graphic Designer at MK before becoming Brand Manager and eventually the Creative Director. James has lived all over the east coast—New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. In this month’s People Spotlight, James talks about what attracted him to MK, his responsibilities as Creative Lead, and what he’s learned from working here.

Why did you decide to settle in San Diego?

Ultimately, I wanted a change of scenery. I received my bachelor’s in Corporate Organization from the University of Connecticut. However, a part of me always wanted to focus on design and creating art. My passion for aesthetics and design led me to continue my education at Platt College in San Diego, where I earned an associate degree in Graphic Design. I don’t think I can live anywhere else now.

Why did you choose to join the MK team?

MK was growing really fast, it still is, and I wanted to help build something much larger than myself.

How has your role changed since then?

I began as a graphic designer, but as MK grew, so did my projects. Eventually, I became responsible for the marketing at MK and the design of the website.

What are some of your duties as Creative Lead?

I currently manage MK’s marketing team. I make sure that they are keeping brand integrity and provide editorial leadership for written materials. I also create the designs for products and promotional items.

How did you know MK was the right fit for you?

When coming to work every day didn’t feel like a job, but more as a place to collaborate with like-minded people. I also found Har Rai and Guru Dharam Khalsa’s entrepreneurship to be contagious and inspiring. As our CEO and COO, they make it a priority to get to know their team and are incredibly accessible. It’s not something you see every day from executives.

What do you like to do for fun?

I like photographing nature, exploring the Pacific West Coast, and road-tripping on the weekends. I also enjoy local art galleries and museums.

What have you been working on recently?

We gave the website a brand new look; I designed all of the visual assets, including artwork, photography, typography, layout, UX and UI interactions, and the responsiveness of the design.


What’s the most important thing you’ve learned at MK?

There is beauty to be found in the small details. A big part of being successful is being detail-oriented and paying close attention to the little things. It’s what sets quality design apart from the rest, and can be applied to almost every facet of life.

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