What an exceptional experience MK Decision had this year at the 2019 Jack Henry Annual Conference (JAC) and TechConnect, hosted at our very own Convention Center in downtown San Diego! Community financial institutions from across the nation gathered here from Monday Oct. 7 to Thursday Oct. 10 to explore the “best and brightest” in financial technology. Whether it was a community bank from Maine, a credit union from Kansas, or a financial technology (FinTech) company from San Diego, everyone relished in the excitement. Between speakers and interactive product demos, financial institutions were able to learn about innovative industry trends and network with their peers to find the best solutions for their biggest technology problems. Educational conferences, like this one, connect community banks and credit unions with leading technology companies to find their perfect match, so they can continue to grow and do what they do best—serve their customers and members.

For two days of the conference, MK had the opportunity to showcase our world-class lending technology and meet incredible industry professionals along the way. At booth #623, we demoed our intelligent and expansive product suite, emphasizing the importance of streamlined lender workflows and simple, beautiful customer experiences. Attendees shared their lending inefficiencies and learned from part of our passionate team: Har Rai Khalsa, CEO; Guru Dharam Khalsa, COO; Jon BenAmoz, VP of Sales; Jerome Sheppard, Product Manager; Dianna Dunne-Vecchio, Communications Coordinator; and Gustavo Romero, Digital Media Specialist. It was very impactful for us to hear directly from community financial institutions about what they’re looking for in loan origination software. Building fruitful relationships between FinTechs and community financial institutions will further our vision of helping local economies thrive.

Yet, in the midst of the hustle and bustle, we encouraged our peers to take a break and play our mini-golf game for some friendly competition. Over 7% of the 1,000+ attendees played, and participants walked away with t-shirts, water bottles, and more MK merch to remember their fun times. The top three players to hit the most putts after three misses proudly received awesome prizes. Timothy Mahan from Meridian Bank in Malvern, PA solidified first place with a total score of 51 putts and won a Bose Speaker. Dennis Busta from Manufacturers Bank & Trust Company in Forest City, Iowa took a close second place with a total score of 50 putts, winning a Fitbit. And in third place with a total score of 26 putts was Joseph Villalon from Mission Investment Fund of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America in Chicago, IL, who won a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

Following the show on Tuesday evening, we hosted a Banker + FinTech Mixer with Teslar Software. We had the opportunity to forge a strong relationship with Teslar as we were both selected for the first ever ICBA ThinkTECH Accelerator earlier this year. Together, we shared in dinner and desserts with bankers at Bencotto Italian Kitchen, a gourmet restaurant in the heart of Little Italy, to celebrate the amazing day at the JAC. With Chief Experience Officer Brian Otteman, Chief Operating Officer Diane Krause, and Director of Loan Servicing Heather Witt from High Plains Bank; FVP of Information Technology Troy Wheetley from Paragon Bank; Chief Operating Officer Kevin Piette and Senior Vice President Betty Nonn from State Bank of Cross Plains; and VP of Loan Administration Theresa Nedelman and VP of Retail Banking Blake Guinn from First National Bank in attendance, we brought banks and FinTechs together in a chic environment to build a bridge towards Banker/FinTech partnerships.

We’d like to give a special thanks to Jack Henry & Associates for inviting us to this rewarding event, and to all the attendees who traveled from near and far. Reflecting on our relationship with Jack Henry and being a vendor integration program member, we are grateful to have connected with customers from Silverlake, CIF 20/20, and Profitstars. While we attend many tech shows, we give props to Jack Henry for hosting such a successful and valuable conference. In case you missed it, check out the JAC website for more details and event highlights. Interested in learning more about our products and how we can support your financial institution? Contact sales or check out our new website.  #TheJAC