24 months, 104 weeks, 730 days, and 17,520 hours—that’s how long Khanh, John, and Jacob have been a part of the MK Decision (MK) family. All three of them kicked off their careers with MK, and we’re fortunate enough that they decided to keep on growing with us. In the last two years, we’ve seen them flourish triumphantly and come through as leaders in their departments all while representing MK with a great deal of integrity. In the midst of celebrating this major milestone, we took a step back to reflect on their time with us.

Khanh Hoang, Lead UI Engineer

Team member since December 1, 2017

At the start of her career, Khanh was unsure about her decision to follow the path of a programmer; however, she was able to solidify her choice as she gained hands-on experience during her Time for Experience (TFE) program. Now, she’s a seasoned programmer whose abilities have flourished immensely.

What does MK mean to you?

To me, MK is a great place to learn and grow. MK was my first job in the technology industry and really helped me feel empowered in becoming a programmer.

Why did you initially want to be a part of the MK team, and what keeps you passionate about your role?

There’s still so much to learn and like I said before, MK is a great place to do just that. Moreover, the expansion we’re experiencing right now is incredibly inspiring to see and I want to continue being a part of it.

What’s been the most rewarding moment in your MK career?

It’s exciting to see people using the products I helped create and knowing the impact they bring to financial institutions.

John Landon, Lead UX Engineer

Team member since December 1, 2017

When John interviewed at MK, he was an eager college student looking to get his foot in the door of a booming industry. Excited and hopeful, he showed Har Rai Khalsa his portfolio—a notebook overflowing with ideas and sketches. The rest is history.

What’s your favorite memory at MK?

Well, that’s easy; it’s when Har Rai asked me when I wanted to start working at MK as a UX Designer. It was unexpected and led to so many great moments that otherwise would not have happened.

How has MK’s company culture changed within the last two years?

Little by little we’re unifying our team with MK’s mission and vision. As a result, the environment is a lot more collaborative because we’re working toward completing the same goals.

As you enter your third year at MK, what do you hope to gain?

To improve my understanding of our clients’ needs based on how they’re using our products and the feedback they provide.

Jacob Barnes, Software Engineer

Team member since December 18, 2017

Jacob is a self-taught developer whose determination to be a part of the technology industry landed him a spot with the MK team. In the last 2 years, he has proven himself as a qualified technologist that welcomes challenges with open arms.

When you think of MK, what word comes to mind and why?

Opportunity. MK helped me go from a self-taught developer to a well-rounded one. The experiences I’ve gained so far are invaluable.

What’s been your greatest accomplishment so far?

I’ve helped streamline a lot of projects within the development department to increase efficiency and save resources. This is incredibly beneficial for our team because we can deliver high-quality products in less time.

If you could go back in time to when you started at MK, what would you tell yourself?

To be more confident in my qualifications. MK was my first professional job in the technology field, so I didn’t know much about what was expected of me and looked for guidance in others.

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