The MK Decision (MK) team serves community financial institutions (FI) by delivering top-notch lending technology—but we can’t do it alone. Through our fruitful partnership with Experian, we’ve had the opportunity to expand the impact our products have and help shape the future of lending.

Building the new standard in loan origination systems (LOS) requires an innovative mindset focused on providing the best lending experiences. We go the extra mile by incorporating credit bureau services, such as Experian’s Premier Attributes and compliance with the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and the Military Lending Act (MLA). Together, we can bring agility and state-of-the-art underwriting products to the table for your FI.

Credit Reports

Credit reports are a quintessential part of underwriting. By collecting credit and identity data on consumers and businesses, lenders can evaluate their creditworthiness. However, not all credit reports are the same; many are difficult to read and are presented in an antiquated notepad format. With Experian’s support, we are equipped to provide robust and comprehensive credit reports so your team can make the most informed and consistent decisions on customer applications.

Time Investment Company (TIC), a third-party lender that provides sales financing programs for consumers, has successfully been pulling credit applications using Experian Credit Profile FICO 8, OFAC, and MLA all through MK.

"Partnering with MK to integrate Experian’s credit profile, income insights, and OFAC and MLA datasets was a seamless experience. We’re grateful for our Experian Account Executive, David Smidt, who went above and beyond to keep our team informed on the latest products and for the MK team because they truly care about building long-lasting relationships and providing the best customer service in the market." - Sara Hafeman, Director of Dealer Development/ Marketing, Time Investment Company
“As a consultative partner, my goal is to deliver solutions that meet my clients’ objectives. With Time Investment Company, working alongside MK Decision allowed Experian to bring the best solution as efficiently as possible.” - David Smidt, Senior Account Manager, Experian

When taking an inside look at individual credit profiles, your team has access to income insights, alerts and can analyze every trade line and credit inquiry. Plus, MK pulls each applicant's expenses from the credit profile to calculate debt-to-income (DTI) ratios automatically in our LOS. Collecting precise data and pulling credit profiles in seconds helps you manage risk for your FI and deliver on your commitment to excellent customer service.

For business credit profiles, the momentum doesn’t stop. You can view any liens, observe additional data on trade lines, and receive their Financial Stability Risk Score, which shares insights on key characteristics of potential business risk. Boost your team’s efficiencies to speed up the loan process. With MK and Experian, do more by doing less.

Premier Attributes

Experian’s Premier Attributes improves underwriting by presenting over 2,000 credit attributes to summarize essential data on credit reports. Attributes are pulled from 51 different industries, continuously developed, and over 90% of them are at the tri-bureau-level. Get a better understanding of your customers’ behavior and be confident you’re using the most up-to-date, sophisticated credit data available.

OFAC Compliance

Aside from analyzing credit profile data points, staying OFAC and MLA compliant while underwriting is essential. To protect your business against individuals or entities in organized international crime, Experian’s watch list screening solutions are deployed through MK, safeguarding your lending operations. Easily implement identity verification to authenticate information on customer applications with daily sanction list updates and database results available 24/7. Block prohibited accounts, reject unlicensed financial transactions, but most importantly, stay confident that your FI’s security is in good hands.

MLA Compliance

With 1.46M active personnel in the US military, employing best practices to protect their financial rights to credit products is critical. It’s up to your team to verify active duty status at origination, so finding a partner that will share this responsibility will ease the burden in your back office. Through MK and Experian, your FI can scan the MLA database to verify customer identity and present the MLA Covered Borrower Status directly on an applicant’s credit report. Active duty service members, including their spouse or dependents, can take control of their financial future with help from your dedicated team.

Supporting underwriters with the tools to accurately and efficiently decision customer applications, your FI can proudly continue serving your community for generations to come. That’s the modernity of our LOS. Through MK’s partnership with Experian, your FI can attain cutting edge solutions and modern credit reports. Want to learn more? Explore how we can strengthen your team’s underwriting process by visiting our website or connecting with our team at