After taking the plunge and moving out of the cold New York weather he was raised in, Jon BenAmoz relocated to the Sunshine State. Jon, a self proclaimed adopted Floridian, began his journey at MK Decision (MK) a year ago as Vice President of Sales; he now holds the title of Chief Revenue Officer. While working remotely at MK, he manages the Sales team and helps set the strategy for various campaigns within the Marketing department. In this month’s People Spotlight, we learn more about his role, his proudest moment while at MK, and the advice he has for those interested in a career in sales.

How have your previous experiences helped you prepare for the role you’re in now?

I’ve had a lot of jobs in the marketing industry, but I ultimately established myself at Service Finance Company where I met Har Rai Khalsa, our Chief Executive Officer. I started my career there really pushing myself in sales as an outbound telemarketer. As time went on, I climbed up within the company and held various leadership positions.

How did you get started with MK?

Har Rai came knocking on my door, telling me about what he’s been working on and the opportunities I would have at MK. The rest is history.

From left, Jon BenAmoz, Katie Incantalupo, and Har Rai Khalsa at StarBank in Minnesota, US

What are a few of your responsibilities as Chief Revenue Officer?

Contrary to popular belief, my role at MK is more than just convincing people to purchase our lending platform. It’s constantly talking to clients and our community to better understand their pain points. After all, comprehending their needs is crucial to improving our current offerings and developing new products that will positively impact underwriters.

Has anything surprised you while working at MK?

I’m surprised by some of the variations in which our clients underwrite. The more I talked with lenders I discovered people have different technology stacks, requirements, and are audited by various oversight committees. Those variations are intriguing to me because it’s not something I knew existed before coming to MK.

What’s been your proudest moment at MK so far?

When we attended the Jack Henry Annual Conference (JAC). To display our fintech, what we stand for, and the lending platform we’ve worked so hard to create was phenomenal. There was a lot of planning that went on behind the scenes to make JAC a success and it definitely paid off.

From left, Dianna Dunne-Vecchio, Jon BenAmoz, and Har Rai Khalsa at the Jack Henry Annual Conference in San Diego, CA

What attracted you to the fintech industry?

For me, it’s all about our ecosystem. Many fintechs are at the forefront of an innovative breakthrough. We’re all riding the same wave toward the future, looking to create solutions to the toughest problems in the industry. More and more fintechs are joining the market every day and that’s incredibly exciting.

Do you have any advice for those looking to start a career in sales?

Sales has its ups and downs, and it’s difficult to hear the word "no" after you’ve put yourself out there. Make sure that you’re passionate about it because if you’re not, doing your job becomes increasingly more difficult.

What do you like about your role in sales?

Sales has brought a lot of value to my professional and personal life. For example, I’m able to grow my network and expand my knowledge of fintech. It truly is a tremendous career to pursue.

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