Born and raised in Ventura County, Molly Irelan grew up playing sports, being heavily involved in extracurricular activities, and striving for success in each area she put her mind to. Molly pursued her education at CSU Channel Islands where she graduated with her Bachelors of Science in Business. After saying goodbye to her family and friends, she traveled a couple hours south to San Diego excited to embrace the next chapter of her life. She settled into her new apartment and began searching for a job opportunity filled with excitement. Inspired by MK’s mission to support community financial institutions and local economies, Molly applied to MK Decision where she launched her FinTech career as MK’s Operations and Communications Coordinator.

Describe yourself in three words

Passionate, driven, outgoing

Growing up, who had the most influence on you?

My parents, they are the best people I know. They taught me to be hardworking, to treat people with respect, to strive to be the best version of myself, and the importance of strong relationships. I had a wonderful upbringing surrounded by loving family and friends, without these people I would not be the person I am today.

How do you like living in San Diego?

Living in San Diego has been an absolute dream. There have been great opportunities for me in my professional and personal life. Moving here has allowed me to strengthen personal relationships, spend time at the beach, and enjoy the diverse food scene.

What is your current role at MK Decision?

At MK, I have the opportunity to wear two hats. I was initially hired as MK’s Operations Coordinator where I am responsible for payroll, company events, human resources, and compliance measures. Since being hired, my responsibilities evolved to include Marketing efforts. This has allowed me to use all sides of my degree and the knowledge I acquired in college. In my Marketing role, I write copy for MK’s press releases, blogs, website pages, email campaigns, and social media captions.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

I come from a large family who has found their success in being small business owners. Their stories resonated with me and inspired me to pursue a career in business. My family and friends are my biggest supporters and motivate me to be “the very best Molly” I can be.

Why did you want to join an innovative FinTech Startup?

When applying for jobs, I was looking for a company that I could grow with, contribute my ideas, and feel passionate about. As soon as I learned about MK Decision, I was immediately hooked by their mission to serve community financial institutions and support local economies. MK’s mission really sold it for me. In my personal life, I enjoy supporting local businesses and it was important to me that my job was not something I did to make money, but instead to make a difference in the world.

How did you know MK was the right fit for you?

From my first phone interview, I knew MK was the place for me. I felt welcomed by their encouragement to apply even if I did not have the years of experience they were initially looking for. During my in-person interview, I picked up on the strong company culture immediately. Once joining the team, I can attest to the warm welcome, collaboration, emphasis on professional development, and push for continuous improvement.

What have been your favorite memories at MK Decision?

So far, my favorite memories at MK would be moving out of the office and filming marketing content with my team. In April, Operations decided to close down the office due to COVID-19, we were all working remotely and were not sure how long the pandemic would last. I began researching moving companies, within a week Jacquelyne and I were boxing everything up and deconstructing over thirty workstations. It was a really great bonding experience for my supervisor and I, we talked over lunch each day, blasted music, and put in long afternoons of manual labor. Fast forward six months and it definitely proved to be the correct decision.

After several months of not seeing each other in person, our Marketing department decided to catch up with one another and create content. We met up for brunch at a neighborhood spot to enjoy each others’ company. With all of us in one location, it was the perfect opportunity to shoot a promotional video for our social media. I had not acted in anything since middle school so there were many laughs and retakes.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned here at MK?

By no means is teamwork a new concept, but it has really been reiterated to me here at MK. Across the company, I feel immense support from my teammates. When the executives say company culture matters to them, it absolutely rings true. MK has been supportive of my professional development and wants to see their employees grow into leaders. We are all connected in one way or another, and by having a strong team environment MK has really pushed me to be successful.

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