Our story begins in Monterrey, Mexico where Max Marchand spent the first 19 years of his life. He attended the American School Foundation of Monterrey from nursery school through 12th grade, surrounded by his closest 150 classmates and playing soccer. After being accepted into Pepperdine University’s undergraduate program, Max ventured north along the Pacific Coast Highway to Malibu, California. While there, he worked to achieve his Bachelors of Arts in Sociology and a minor in Marketing. After graduation, Max moved south to be closer to family and experience the booming economy and city life of San Diego. Days after moving, Max stumbled across MK Decision and would soon embark on his career journey in the FinTech industry.

How do you like San Diego?

I love it. The culture is vibrant. There are so many young people, lots of art, delicious Mexican food, beautiful sunsets, and a great selection of Mexican supermarkets.

Growing up, who had the most influence on you?

My father, he still does to this day. He has a PhD in mythology and psychology. He introduced me to powerful ideas about the psyche and taught me how to be self-aware. For that, I am very grateful.

What do you like to do on the weekends?

In my free time, I enjoy surfing, hiking, trying new restaurants, watching the sunset, practicing yoga, reading outside, swimming in the ocean, going on walks, and cooking.

How did you start your journey with MK?

I started as a Time For Experience (TFE) intern. I found Har Rai Khalsa on LinkedIn and messaged him about our common major in Sociology and career in Marketing. I let him know I had applied at MK and wanted to connect with him. Three days later, he invited me for an interview. He recognized I was fresh in my career but felt my hunger and determination. I started my TFE as a marketing strategist, where I supported the marketing team with industry research, customer research, and any form of intelligence I could produce to benefit the team.

Once hired, I transitioned from Marketing to Sales and was trained by Jon BenAmoz to talk with bankers, present to clients, and to be fearless. He taught me how to have thick skin. While I was training, I will never forget Jon told me, 'believe in yourself beyond reasonable measure, and you will be successful.'

Max & Jon at ICBA Live 2020

What changes have you seen within the company?

Change happens fast at MK. During my time here, I have seen more clients and referral partnerships take fruition, new team members onboarded, and new departments formed. We are growing fast and there is always change. As we become more sophisticated, we have developed new business processes to stay organized, responsive, and innovative.

Why did you want to join a FinTech Startup?

FinTech is the future of banking, it will impact every single human on this planet. Because the United States is leading the innovation, I realized I am in one of the fastest-growing, most important industries in the world. To be able to build a company alongside my coworkers is the greatest adventure ever.

Why did you stay with MK?

I received close mentorship from my superiors and team. They took a personal interest in my professional development. At MK, I am constantly outside of my comfort zone and challenging myself. In reflection, I have experienced tremendous growth both personally and professionally.

How did you know MK was the right fit for you?

There is a shared vision at MK. I believe in the company, but most importantly I believe in our Executive team. I know they are on a mission, and I want to be a part of that. This bus is going whether I am on it or not, I want to be on that bus.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Every day there will be an unexpected challenge at MK. You have to be ready. I get excited to seize the day head-on, if not the day runs you over. I need to be there for my team and support MK’s clients. Being a strong teammate is my motivation.

Max & Gustavo enjoying brunch with the team

Has anything surprised you while working here?

I am surprised by how much I am able to contribute to MK Decision. Our team has given me opportunities to work across departments and expand my knowledge. I was also surprised by how much the company cares for me. I have never witnessed a situation where there was a lack of human connection or genuine care. I have always felt supported and challenged.

What is your proudest moment at MK Decision?

My proudest moment at MK would be working the floor at ICBA Live. In March, we traveled to Orlando, Florida where I worked alongside Guru Dharam, Har Rai, and Jon to speak with community bankers, network, and showcase the power of MK’s deposit account opening, credit card, and loan origination solutions. This opportunity was a huge wake-up call for where I am in my career and the potential I have with MK.

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Do you have any advice for people who want to start their career at MK Decision?

My advice is to always ask for more than you think you can handle and push yourself to achieve it.

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