MK Decision (MK) has partnered with Sutton Bank, a $780 million-asset bank in Ohio, to deploy MK’s Credit Card Origination System (CCOS) for personal and business credit cards. After meeting MK at the Independent Community Bankers of America® (ICBA) and The Venture Center’s ThinkTECH Accelerator in Little Rock, Arkansas, Sutton Bank Executives knew they had found a FinTech partner who was future-oriented and innovative. MK’s mission to support both sides of a community bank’s balance sheet, with a modern digital account opening and loan origination platform, encouraged Sutton Bank to choose MK as their credit card loan origination partner.

Driven by their mission of “old-fashioned innovation,” Sutton Bank builds upon their 142 year legacy of serving their community with digital customer onboarding for credit cards. In recognition of ever-changing technological advancements, Sutton Bank transitioned from a paper-intensive credit card program to an online shopping experience in an effort to stay relevant for customers. Sutton Bank Marketing Officer Rhonda Martin spoke to her experience with MK’s team, “our partnership has been seamless. When serving our customers was challenging (due to the pandemic), MK deployed our online credit card application. The implementation was the smoothest I ever experienced; it was efficient and timely. Throughout each interaction, they impressed us with their thorough communication.”

By partnering with MK, Sutton Bank gained access to a comprehensive platform to grow their personal and business credit card portfolio by engaging customers digitally. Extending their services online allowed Sutton Bank to reach their customer base affected by the branch closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. MK’s customer experience provides a digital marketplace to inform consumers of product details and guides them through an intuitive mobile-first application. Once a customer has completed their application, MK’s banker experience enables underwriters to process applications from a cloud-based loan origination system. MK streamlines the underwriting process by organizing customer data, automatically generating financial ratios, and eliminating manual data entry previously done by hand.

As a core pillar of their local economy, Sutton Bank wants to foster relationships with their customers that last a lifetime. With this vision in mind, Sutton Bank looks forward to offering online financial services for any product to fit their customers’ needs. Sutton Bank Chief Executive Officer Tony Gorrell noted, “as progressive as Sutton Bank is on many things, we have to continue perfecting our digital tools to better serve our retail footprint. We felt we had a strong credit card offering for our customer segment. We needed to get the message out there that Sutton Bank is in the credit card business and MK was the way to accomplish that goal and create awareness.”

At MK, we are committed to driving customer engagement through the use of our technology. By building awareness for Sutton Bank’s credit card offerings, MK generated interest in the product and encouraged customers to convert. The MK platform markets our customers’ product offerings for them, allowing them to focus on what matters most: their community.

“We’re honored to partner with Sutton Bank to serve the unique and diverse needs of their customers,” said Har Rai Khalsa, Chief Executive Officer at MK. “Community banks like Sutton Bank partner with MK to deliver on our shared mission to strengthen local economies. On behalf of the entire team, MK looks forward to supporting Sutton Bank’s digital transformation goal to create memorable customer experiences that enrich the communities they serve.”