After living in Tennessee for the first twenty-two years of his life, Bailey Hill took on new adventures as he moved to California to pursue his love for Philosophy. He furthered his education at San Francisco State University, where he earned his Masters in Philosophy. Unafraid of challenges, he decided to pursue his hobby of software engineering. After traveling south along the Pacific Coast Highway to San Diego, he enrolled in a coding boot camp. Upon completion, he interviewed with MK Decision and was hired as a Product Engineer.

How do you like San Diego?

After living here for over a year, I love it. The only thing I wish for is if all of my family and friends lived here too. San Diego is a great place to do all of my hobbies, surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding.

Growing up, who had the most influence on you?

My Dad. He introduced me to cars, philosophy, action sports, wrestling, and rugby. We share a lot of similar hobbies. As a kid, he lived in Huntington Beach and was really into swimming. He spent most of his childhood there, which inspired me to take the leap and move to California.

What do you like to do on the weekends?

My weekends revolve around the beach. I try to spend as much time in the water as I can. I like to surf and skate. I love skiing and have gone to Mammoth a couple of times. I enjoy visiting local breweries and drinking beer. Since working remotely, I try to get as much sun as I can by sitting at the beach or in the park and reading or listening to podcasts.

How did you transition from Philosophy to FinTech?

I was getting burnt out on philosophy as a career focus. What I love about philosophy is setting your mind free and coming up with new ideas. When thinking about doing it for a career, I felt limited, and that took a lot of the joy I felt away from philosophy. I decided to keep it as my passion. With assistance from my cousin, I started programming and learning the basics of development. It was awesome to visualize something in my mind and create it on a screen. The job market seemed abundant, so I went to coding boot camp and pursued an open role at MK.

What is your current role at MK Decision?

I applied as a software engineer and was hired as a project engineer before transitioning to my current role, project manager. MK helped direct me towards project management, where my communication skills and technical background allowed me to excel. I am enjoying the transition; I like to interact with people, deliver projects on-time and under budget.

How would you describe your job to a child?

I organize a team to build websites and dashboards for banks.

What are some of your responsibilities as a project manager?

As a project manager, I am responsible for fielding client requests, spearheading client communication, organizing client projects, preparing weekly agendas, coordinating internal tasks for our team to develop a feature, project planning, and writing business process stories.

Why did you want to join an innovative FinTech Startup?

When looking at MK’s website, I could tell that there was an eye for design, and it was young and slick. I knew I was not going to be in a boring corporate job.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

I would much rather be awake and productive than asleep. I like structure. I want to contribute to the progress of society and my life journey by working, going to school, and investing in my learning. I want to learn new things and contribute to other people’s lives positively. There is a good balance, I like to be productive so I can enjoy being unproductive.

How did you know MK was the right fit for you?

I was immediately drawn to the employees. I talked to Guru Dharam and Har Rai and wanted to learn more about MK and work with them. When applying, I cared more about working on a team of enjoyable, productive, and uplifting individuals. I would be happy creating any project, but I was much more concerned about the people I worked with, the workflow, and dynamics.

Has anything surprised you while working here? Whether it be about yourself, MK Decision, the people you work with, or all 3.

One thing that surprised me was the amount of different responsibilities I took on. I learned more than I expected by wearing different hats. As a team, everybody picks up the slack to get the job done. Our product in itself is interesting. I learned how small banks get a digital interface, how they underwrite, and how underwriters determine credit limits.

Do you have any advice for people who want to be a project manager at MK Decision?

Be ready to juggle tasks. If you are good at multitasking or managing multiple projects at once, you will be successful. Give yourself a structured schedule. Build strong customer relationships and utilize your communication skills; you will be interacting with a lot of customers.

What are some challenges you face in your current position, and how do you overcome them?

Since I work on many projects throughout the day, there is a propensity to be scatterbrained. To overcome this challenge, I allocate the same amount of time each day to review tasks, create new tasks, and determine priorities for each task to ensure prompt responses to our customers.

What is your proudest moment at MK Decision?

Although it is not finished yet, my proudest moment will be launching MK's Indirect Loan Origination System (ILOS). In the beginning, I was writing a business process story for a product I knew very little about and have become an expert. I watched it go from nonexistent to a physical product able to work from beginning to end. Even though I am not responsible for 100% of the work, being a part of the ILOS development is rewarding.

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