Har Rai Khalsa
A FinTech Guide to Finding the Right QSA
For FinTech entrepreneurs, regulatory compliance and information security policies are top priorities. When it comes to integrating your financial technology (FinTech) into a Credit Bureau or handling sensitive consumer credit card information, you’
LEARN Academy Alumni Flourish at MK
Learn Academy
Located just one mile apart, LEARN academy and MK Decision have been collaborating on a joint effort to grow San Diego’s technology culture for a little over a year now. During this
Money20/20 USA Startup Academy recognizes MK Decision as one of FinTech’s 100 boldest and brightest startups
Money20/20 is FinTech’s largest and most prestigious annual event in North America. This year, Money20/20’s VC Advisory Board sought out, “the most innovative ideas, disruptors, and entrepreneurs who create