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Create amazing
customer experiences

Increase customer satisfaction
online and in-branch.

MK provides your financial institution
with the tools that connect you and your customers


Boost customer

Store, MK's modern online shopping experience educates and informs customers as they explore your financial products.

  • Let customers compare features and benefits
  • Display terms, conditions, and other disclosures transparently
  • Allow customers to access your products anytime, anywhere
  • Maintain brand recognition with your logo and colors
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Transform your
application process

Upgrade your digital channels with Checkout,
MK's fast and intuitive applications for credit and new accounts.

  • Help customers apply digitally in-branch and online
  • Guide customers through application workflows
  • Assist customers using ADA compliant forms and fields
  • Customize application input fields
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Simplify your
customer engagement

Extend the service and personal relationships your
customers love with MK's Messaging.

  • Keep customers and bankers connected
  • Get notifications when customers upload files
  • Securely deliver Adverse Action and Risk-Based Pricing Notes
  • Automate and template customer correspondences
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Digitize your
closing process

Give your customers an efficiant and secure way to sign
contracts with Signatures.

  • Help customers sign documents from any mobile device
  • Ensure a branded signature process
  • Expedite new account closing
  • Safely authenticate and capture customer signatures
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Streamline customer e-signatures,
file transfers, and communication

Ensure customers are in the loop post-application with MK’s CustomerAccount.

  • Digitally provide agreements and request signatures in one platform
  • Eliminate the need for in-branch document dropoffs
  • Send automated status updates to communicate with customers
  • Improve customer experience with digital onboarding
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customer acquisition and operational efficiency?

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