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Capitalize on growing consumer
demand for third-party loans.

The time is now to enter the indirect loan market

Fund consumer purchases through third-party dealers

The indirect lending market continues to increase its momentum with consumers looking for convenient financing for auto purchases and home improvement projects through dealers. Grow your dealer network and capital with efficient integration, effective risk management, ease-of-use, and fast turnaround times.

Empower dealers to finance loans from any mobile device

Give dealers and contractors the ability to offer their customers fast and convenient financing from anywhere, any time. Fund more loans by putting user-friendly loan applications into the hands of customers whose projects need funding. Mobile responsive interfaces are optimized for over 400 mobile devices, tablets, and home computers.

Capture signatures digitally to streamline customer applications

MK's Indirect Loan origination system uses E-Signature to mitigate wait times, increase application speed and lower transaction costs. Electronic signatures prevent delays in finalizing loan applications resulting in improved performance and instant approvals. E-signatures offer enhanced security and mitigate risks associated with pen and paper.


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