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MK's personal loan lending platform helps you meet rising borrower expectations for digital automation.

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Fund personal loans faster using turnkey software.

Offer customized loan terms and rates online.

Maintain brand integrity and customer rapport.

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Build trust
by educating and
informing your borrowers

As more borrowers shop for personal loans online, information transparency will help you stand out from other lenders.

MK's carefully crafted marketing web pages build rapport with your borrowers. Our job is to help you deliver important loan details in an intuitive and comprehensive way.

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Eliminate paperwork
and accelerate credit decisions

Over 70% of borrowers who apply for loans using MK's Personal Loan Origination System (PLOS) lending technology do so via their Smartphones.

These borrowers have no intention of executing wet signatures or waiting around for hours to receive their credit decision. The time has come to provide borrowers with paperless user experiences and real-time loan offers.

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Use PLOS to join
the rapidly growing personal loan market

With a low 3.51% delinquency rate, $7,986 average debt per borrower, and over 19 million personal loans, the market has grown almost 15% in the last year.

Part of this growth can be attributed to FinTechs who have used an emphasis on customer experience and automation to disrupt traditional lenders. Deploy MK's PLOS Pre-Qualify technology today to increase personal loan conversions.

Deploy Pre-Qualify Technology
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Leverage scalable cloud infrastructure for cybersecurity

With MK's PLOS lending platform, your personal loan data will be stored in your private Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud account.

Prevent cybersecurity issues with AWS just like the US Department of Defense. Ensure durable, cost-effective backup, disaster recovery, and data archiving at petabyte scale.

Gone are the days of antiquated server rooms that put your lending business at risk.

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Launch to market faster and increase ROI

PLOS integrates with credit bureaus, core processors, and alternative data providers to ensure your personal loan program gets to market quickly. With many crucial API integrations in place, MK helps you cut costs by automating credit decisioning, regulatory compliance, and data flow.

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