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The Problem

Customers seeking rapid decisions are migrating away from financial institutions who lack technology.

The Solution

Decisioning meets rising customer demands for fast responses by automating the underwriting process.

Kevin Tweddle

Kevin Tweddle

CPA and COO,
ICBA Services Network

Features & Benefits

Configurable underwriting processes

Choose freely between automated or manual underwriting.

Rules-based decisioning

Manage risk by enforcing policies fairly and consistently.

Real-time responses

Increase customer satisfaction with quick turnaround times.

Say hello to digitized underwriting

Remove the stress element when applying for financial products. In the age of immediacy, customers expect quick responses from their financial institutions.

Say hello to a flexible, digitized underwriting process with a rules-based decisioning engine. Ensure regulatory compliance, reduce overhead, and increase ROI with the ability to decision thousands of data points in seconds.

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