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The Problem

Applying for a financial product can be tedious. It requires information that is not always readily available, causing friction with consumers and delaying the application process.

The Solution

Your Account provides consumers with status updates throughout the approval process and allows applicants to perform tasks on their own time, from any device.

Features & Benefits

Digital Signatures

Empower applicants with a platform to view and electronically sign agreements.

Task Management

Prepare an applicant "To-Do List" to gather required documents.

Automated Messaging

Communicate with consumers post-application to guarantee around-the-clock service.

The fast, simple, and secure way
to support your applicants

Maintain close relationships with your applicant after they have clicked the "Submit" button. Establish confidence in your financial institution with a consumer collaboration platform built to securely capture digital signatures, gather documents, and facilitate communication.

Embrace the digital approach to relationships, reaffirming your institution's commitment with another way to show you care.

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