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MK builds the most powerful and flexible tools for internet lending. Whether you're creating a program for credit cards, indirect or personal loans, MK's diligently designed APIs help you deliver loan products to borrowers online.

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Technology Layers of MKs online lending Platform

made simple

The lending market is filled with antiquated systems, some dating back to the mid-1990s. Lenders are shackled by cumbersome processes and borrowers are discouraged by unresponsive interfaces - driving them to large financial institutions with modern technology.

Our lending platform provides technology-driven efficiency to banks and credit unions, enhancing the borrowing experience through simple and easy-to-use interfaces.

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Financial institutions are scaling their lending businesses faster with MK's product-rich platform. Learn more about the benefits both lenders and borrowers are receiving from MK's products.

Marketing products

SalesFunnel of MK's Platform


Increase acquisition with top-notch marketing pages that are custom designed to build brand recognition and educate borrowers.
Lender benefit
Build trust
Inform borrower
Increase conversions
Borrower benefit
Shop loan benefits
Choose ideal offer
AppFlow of MK's Platform


Deliver mobile optimized field inputs to meet rising consumer use of Smartphones for credit applications. Ensure up-to-date best practices and ADA compliance are met.
Lender benefit
Limit human error
Cut down data entry
Eliminate paper
Borrower benefit
Guided workflows
Less field inputs
Secure data

prevention products

FraudTrack of MK's Platform


Identify, track, and prevent malicious activities that financially harm your customers and impede the success of your financial institution's lending program.
Lender benefit
Track fraudsters
Flag suspect activity
Reduce charge-offs
Borrower benefit
Prevent ID theft
Fraud notification
AppShield of MK's Platform


Protect against repeat and otherwise prohibited applications that lower customer confidence, and negatively impact your brand.
Lender benefit
Flag invalid data
Minimize disputes
Save credit pulls
Borrower benefit
Stop repeat inquiries
Protect credit score

Decisioning products

CreditConnect of MK's Platform


Integrate with your preferred credit bureau or alternative data provider. Automate KYC identity verification with out-of-wallet questions and device identification.
Lender benefit
Tri-Bureau data
Streamlined KYC
Reduce data entry
Borrower benefit
Real-time offers
ID protection
DecisionTime of MK's Platform


Decision over 1,000 credit data points in seconds. With cloud-based infrastructure, manage risk at scale and reduce overhead through technology efficiency.
Lender benefit
Automate decisions
Reduce overhead
Manage risk
Borrower benefit
Real-time response
Custom loan terms
Fast engagement

Loan origination products

CoreConnect of MK's Platform


Integrate with your core processor to ensure end-to-end data flow from credit application to servicing. Automate any type of account creation and accelerate loan funding.
Lender benefit
Instant account creation
Frictionless data flow
Digital ACH processing
Borrower benefit
Receive credit faster
Lending Dashboard of MK's Platform


Optimize loan origination efficiency with a simple dashboard design. Multi-task applications with browser-like tab functionality. Operate wisely with robust reporting and analytics.
Lender benefit
Easy loan origination
Dynamic reporting
Support for auditing
Borrower benefit
Simplified approvals
Enhanced service
Interaction history

Secure and compliant
from lender to borrower

Data security is extremely important to MK. We are continuously updating our platform to satisfy the demanding requirements of the lending environment. We invest extensively to secure our technology in partnership with leading security experts.

Our Partners

To bring the best of modern technology to lenders, we integrate with some of the biggest names in finance technology.

Amazon Web Services

The MK platform
uses FraudTrack™ Technology

Learn why financial institutions put their trust in the MK platform's fraud prevention products today.

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